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Motorcycle Safety

It is finally time to get your motorcycle out of the garage and go for a ride. Motorcyclists are often reminded to share the roads and be extra alert as other larger vehicles may not see you.   Unfortunately every summer motorcyclists are struck by drivers who are not paying attention and do not see the motorcycle in their path. Be safe.  Wear a helmet.  Abide by posted speed limits.  Keep headlight lit.  Leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front of you.

If you are struck by another vehicle while riding your motorcycle you should:

1. Relax. 2. Assess the condition of yourself and any passengers. 3. Call 911. 4.  Do not move your motorcycle until the police arrive at the scene. 5.  Take pictures of the damage to your motorcycle, the damage to any other vehicle, and the scene in general. 6.  Speak to the police officer that responds and tell him/her what happened. 7.  Obtain the contact and insurance information for the person that hit you. 8.   Obtain from the police officer a form called an “Accident Information Summary” (abbreviated police report). 9. Seek medical attention. 10. Contact your insurance company and report the accident. 11.  Call the Law Office of Lori M. Comforti.

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