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Do I Need An Attorney?

If you are injured you need an attorney.  The insurance company for the person responsible will contact you and offer you a sum of money to close your claim.  This will be done within weeks or often days of the accident.  The insurance company is not interested in paying you an amount of money to fully compensate for your injuries.  The insurance company’s primary goal is to get rid of you and your claim for as little as possible.  Meet with an attorney who can explain to you what your rights are and what you are entitled to. Your attorney will insure that your bills are paid timely.  Your attorney will obtain all of your medical records so that when you are finished treating with your doctors, your claim can be properly valued to insure you get what you deserve.  Your attorney will be your advocate and will attempt to negotiate a settlement or, if necessary, file a lawsuit which starts the process towards a trial.  An experienced attorney will obtain for you an amount of money to fully and fairly compensate you for your damages.

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